UpBeat Performance Explorer-i delivers automated performance analysis and diagnosis of Oracle, Oracle RAC and Oracle DataGuard performance problems in production databases using Oracle AWR, ASH or Oracle Statspack performance data repository. Its comprehensive analysis and reports are based on patented analytics to bring unprecedented precision to the analysis tasks, combined with negligible impact on the database systems being analyzed.

Enteros UpBeat Performance Explorer-i demonstrated 200%+ ROI when used together with Oracle OEM Diagnostics and Tuning Packs within 10% of the OEM cost.

Database Problem Diagnosis

  • Performance spike analysis

    Identify areas of performance spikes and degradations using patented analysis technology that reduces analysis time from hours or days to less than a minute

  • Change impact analysis

    Detailed change impact analysis on cause of performance and availability problems with immediate drilldown into detailed information.

  • Oracle RAC analysis

    Visualize performance metrics across multiple databases or multiple nodes of a RAC cluster. Access DLM statistics, RAC system statistics, or RAC latch information with a single click.

  • Oracle ADG DataGuard analysis

    Enable root cause analysis of DataGuard performance using DataGuard statspack on ADG Standbys. Analyze data replication performance and bottlenecks.

  • SQL impact analysis

    Pinpoint problematic SQL using Advanced Top SQL Search enforced with DML and SQL pattern search filters. Drill Down to the level of individual SQL queries to determine how a change in different SQL characteristics is affecting the system. Similar queries can be aggregated to display cumulated impact on system performance.

  • Fast navigation of critical performance metrics

    Navigate summary and detail information on system statistics, wait events, latches, SQL and other performance data efficiently and effectively. Eliminate painful eyeballing across Statspack and AWR reports when time to resolution is critical.

  • Cross-database analysis

    Analyze heterogeneous database environments with built-in support for multiple commercial database systems and multiple versions of the same commercial DBMS. Perform problem and root cause analysis across multiple instances or multiple databases.

  • High performance visualization

    Visualize tens of thousands of data points in a few seconds. Instantly superimpose current and historical time periods to identify seasonal performance patterns and more.

  • Integrated trending and forecasting

    Clearly identify trends in database performance with smoothing (averaging) filters and linear regression models. Use trending projections to facilitate capacity planning.

  • Batch analysis generation

    Run analysis in batch and in parallel across hundreds of databases.

Database Problem Reporting

  • Database Performance Overview

    Gain a single-page view of the most important database performance metrics. Use the historical data overlay to immediately discover changes in database performance through visual inspection.

  • Current Database Change Profile

    Accelerate your change root cause analysis with this report highlighting recent changes made to the database that may be affecting performance. Performance Explorer-i detects changes from new code deployments and upgrades – official or otherwise.

  • Real-time Database Check

    Determine immediate threats to database stability and potential performance bottlenecks. View excessive active sessions, latch connections, RAC-related resource contention, slow I/O (for both random and sequential data access), and excessive query parallelism in the database.

  • Snapshot Change Analysis

    Gain a holistic view of all changes that occurred over a specific time period, including changes in SQL statistics, newly introduced SQL, changed SQL plans, system statistics, wait events, latches, and more. Customize change reports by selecting time intervals for snapshot and baseline, change thresholds, and report details. Create a library of customized snapshots for fast, single-click generation.

  • Visual Root Cause Analysis

    Find performance problems quickly using your eyes. View graphical representations of changes in key database metrics, including system statistics, wait events, latches, enqueues, segment I/O, datafile I/O, “Undo” tablespace I/O, rollback segments I/O, dictionary cache, library cache, and customer user SQL.

  • Batch Report Generation

    Instantly generate HTML graphical reports using ChartBag Reporting Module. Report Templates can be saved and run in batch mode for continuous web publishing.

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