Most agencies and government bodies have mandates to better leverage cloud. This has presented itself in multiple ways, usage of AWS GovCloud, Azure, and private clouds such as RedHat OpenShift. Citizens are beginning to use digital channels to communicate and respond to government agencies, hence investments in mobile for internal and external applications in beginning to increase. can help manage these enterprise and custom applications.


  • Ensure critical business intelligence systems are up and running.


  • 1% of the requests in the ‘add sharepoint site’ business transaction were categorized as very slow, investigate these transaction snapshots.


  • Discover performance bottlenecks that cause increased resource consumption on a cluster supporting the web-service tier

Capacity Management

  • When performance degrades beyond 2 standard deviations from the calculated baseline for the ‘submit report query’ business transaction, provision another private cloud instance of that web service tier.


  • Automatically restart the application server instance when the number of stalled threads exceeds a specific numerical threshold. 

Respond / Triage

  • Create a PagerDuty incident, along with a ticket in ServiceNow, and assign to the on-call technician when the Azure transaction response time is above 3 standard deviations of the baseline which established over the last 30 days.

Operational Intelligence

  • If we are planning on adding more Sharepoint sites to our Azure hosted instances adding more users and content by 20% next year, how many instances will we need, and how may that affect our Azure bills?

Business Intelligence

  • How many reports were run by senior management across the OBIEE implementations in the last hour?

End User Intelligence

  • How many users from the North Carolina office logged into Sharepoint in the last 4 hours? How does this compare to the average for this timeframe last week?

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