Be certain that modern technologies that supporting your applications and DevOps always perform

  • With support for major RBDMS and NOSQL systems, be platform and cloud agnostic with the ability to monitor across multi-database and multi-cloud environments including AWS, Azure, Rackspace and others.
  • Integrate and analyze your Database performance easily, to ensure that database technology meet your needs.
  • Automatically spot contention issues and their root cause immediately.

Support a continuous feedback loop by understanding the business impact of bad database performance on of your business-critical systems in real-time

  • Create an enablement  of ongoing improvement by making it easy for DBA and operations team to integrate into DevOps tool-chain.
  • Understand who is using your databases, where, and how, with visual identification of the usage cycles.
  • Easily establish custom metrics and correlation between technical and business KPIs to compare every application release from a technical performance and business perspective, such as revenue drop associated with the degradation of database performance, in order to improve continuous delivery strategy.

Optimization of DevOps collaboration by focusing on true problem root cause in database applications

  • Group analysis of every database performance metric facilitates measurement-driven performance analysis environment that improves quality of development, QA and production processes.
  • Remove the guesswork with automatic correlation of database applications, infrastructure servers, and customizable analysis of business data specific performance metrics.

Justify DevOps budget and need to invest

  • Establish realistic business use case for extending DevOps cross-enterprise growth, with proper and reliable performance analysis.
  • Establish database performance root cause analysis capability that provides insight into the problems and scalability issues of critical business applications in pre-prod, test and production.
  • Create reports that demonstrate technical and business benefits for every new production deployment.

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