Scale elastic applications up and down based on application latency. Never buy a server again, or deal with hardware maintenance. Always have additional capacity available when needed. If only it were that simple. The promises of cloud computing are compelling, but they're not so easily realized. How do you maintain control of performance when your applications are running on who-knows-what machines in a data center in the middle of nowhere? How do you make sure your applications adjust as servers are added and subtracted? How do you see and optimize business transactions in such a complex environment?

Prepare for a smooth migration

Calculate your cloud server requirements based on current application resource requirements; baseline pre-migration performance, validate post-migration performance, and quickly identify and resolve any performance issues. Understand your entire environment and all its dependencies to allow for a smooth migration to the cloud.

See your business transactions in real time

With the cloud’s elastic infrastructure, traditional server monitoring tools are of marginal value. It is not just enough to know infrastructure metrics. The platform gives you visibility into your business transactions — and all of the associated downstream activities — to give you the most relevant, business-performance view of your cloud environment.

Scale Up, Scale Down

Scalability and elasticity is why you’re in the cloud in the first place, right? The platform gives you the tools to scale with confidence — from performance baselining to application flow mapping to cloud auto scaling, and runbook automation. Whether you are on Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Pivotal CloudFoundry, or an OpenStack provider — get the visibility you need to be successful in the cloud.

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